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gcse options


Key Stage 4 is an exciting opportunity to choose those subjects that you will study for the next two years and possibly beyond.  Deciding what you want for yourself at the end of Key Stage 4 is an important decision and one which you should not consider taking alone.  We have outlined some questions below that you might like to consider when making your option choices.  Please take time to read this section carefully.


In most schools, Year 9 students will be choosing which subjects to continue with into Year 11. We have chosen to have a two-year Key stage 4 for our students, so they have the opportunity to study the broadest and most balanced curriculum for their first 3 years of secondary schooling.  They are then able to study a smaller range of subjects in greater depth at Key Stage 4.

We ensure that students have a wide breadth of choice, so they do not narrow their learning. Our students will continue to have the opportunities around their academic learning to broaden their understanding of the World around them, to ensure they grow up to be well rounded, well read and informed members of society.

Key Stage 4 Courses

  • AQA GCSE English Language
  • AQA GCSE English Literature
  • Edexcel GCSE Mathematics
  • AQA Level 2 Certificate in Further Mathematics
  • AQA GCSE Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Combined Science)
  • Edexcel  GCSE Modern Languages French
  • Edexcel GCSE Modern Languages Spanish
  • OCR GCSE History
  • AQA GCSE Geography
  • Equqas GCSE Art
  • OCR GCSE Computer Science
  • Eduqas Vocational Award Constructing the Built Environment
  • NCFE Tech Award Engineering
  • Pearson BTEC Health and Social Care
  • WJEC Vocational Award Hospitality and Catering
  • Pearson BTEC Music
  • Pearson BTEC Performing Arts
  • Eduqas GCSE Photography
  • AQA GCSE Religious Studies
  • Pearson BTEC Sport

Students will also continue to complete core PE lessons, Independence Studies, and PSHE. These are not assessed through a GCSE examination, but focus on developing vital skills and knowledge to ensure all students leave Yate Academy well-informed and prepared for life beyond Yate.


Contact Details: Ms G. Malpas, Director of Key Stage Three