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Yate Academy

Year 6 Secondary ready programme

Welcome to our transition curriculum!

On this page, our teachers at the Greenshaw Learning Trust have put together a programme of lessons to help you get ready for Secondary School. The transition programme is designed to meet the needs of Year 6 pupils embarking on their transition to Year 7 in September. It covers all key knowledge areas in core subjects that have been identified by Year 7 teachers as needing further consolidation. It also has some PSHE topics aimed to reduce ‘new starter anxiety’ through lessons designed to boost confidence, raise self-esteem, and improve social skills.

It also features taught ‘Study Skills’ lessons to improve organisation, enable increased retention of knowledge and promote efficient time management so that you can give your pupils the ‘best chance of success’ in their secondary school career.

These lessons are not compulsory, and students won't be tested on them in September, but we encourage students to attempt as many as they can - to get those brains warmed up for the new year!

We have distributed this programme to all our feeder Primary schools, but it can also be used by parents and students as a summer catch up programme. 

Please open the document below or click on the tabs to find the individual links.


Maths (Foundation Level) 

Maths (Higher Level)


Physical Education

PSHE (highly recommended for all!) 

Reading Comprehension (Short Stories) 

Tutor Time Reading (The House with Chicken Legs)


Lesson (click to access)

1 Day 1
2 Day 2
3 Day 3
4 Day 4
5 Day 5
6 Day 6
7 Day 7
8 Day 8
9 Day 9
10 Day 10
11 Day 11
12 Day 12
13 Day 13
14 Day 14
15 Day 15
16 Day 16
17 Day 17
18 Day 18
19 Day 19
20 Day 20
21 Day 21
22 Day 22