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Yate Academy

Student well-being

This page will contain lots of information about how students can stay safe and well whilst not at school.

Our first communication is from the Avon Fire and Rescue Service:

Dear schools,

We at Avon Fire & Rescue Service hope you, your colleagues and pupils are well during these difficult times. We understand the challenge involved in teaching children who are at home whilst at the same time educating those who are still attending school. It is also a time that the safety of children and their families in their homes is paramount. In order to ensure our community’s safety, please find attached a flyer detailing how to stay safe from fire whilst staying at home during this period of self-isolation/social distancing. We ask that you please support us in reaching as many people as possible across the Avon area by forwarding this attachment to your school’s families. As well as this, please be aware that there is further safety information on our website at that likewise can be passed on to parents and guardians. 

Thank you for your time and we wish you all well.

Kind regards,

The Children and Young Persons Department,

Avon Fire & Rescue Service