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Yate Academy

Starting Secondary School

We understand that starting secondary school is a big step for many children and our transition programme aims to make this as easy as possible.

From the moment that the places are secured, we consider you part of the Yate Academy community. Our transition team will ensure that there is excellent communication between us and the primary school to ensure that we are aware of individual needs. The transition days that take place in the summer will give students the chance to experience lessons, meet older students, make new friends and feel comfortable in the new environment.

Students who need an enhanced transition experience will be given the extra support so that we can make sure that September is exciting!

One of the best things that you can do to help your child make the leap to secondary school is to support their reading. Please see the attachment below for the KS3 reading list.

21 reasons to come to Yate Academy

  1. Experience disruption free classrooms. Every period, every day.
  2. Receive high quality, subject specialist teaching. Every period, every day. 
  3. Have the opportunity to read for 45 minutes each day. Every day is world book day at Yate Academy. 
  4. Benefit from elite sports’ coaching every week.
  5. Take the opportunity to compete in the ‘Greenshaw Games’ once a year. 
  6. Sing with the Year 7 and 8 timetabled choir for 75 minutes every week and be part of the superb Carol concert in a local church every Christmas. 
  7. Enjoy the timetabled orchestra every week.
  8. Take part in a fabulous school production every year.
  9. Choose from over 20 extra-curricula clubs every week with something on offer every day.
  10. Join the 'Top 5 Hegarty Maths' users in the country all year. 
  11. Compete in the Greenshaw Maths challenge every year.
  12. Attend ‘Ivy League lectures’ every month. 
  13. Earn badges for your character development every term.
  14. Join the student leadership team every term. 
  15. Participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Award every year. 
  16. Attend the Year 7 residential to make new friends every September.
  17. Choose subjects to study from a wide ranging, broad curriculum. We have a thriving vocational and academic offer that will challenge students every day. 
  18. Be rewarded with our merit system for excellence every day.
  19. Enjoy ‘Fun Friday’ every week. We love bouncy castles and ice lollies! 
  20. Surround yourself with kind, hardworking and ambitious students every hour of every day. 
  21. Experience the best group of staff in the country who work hard to make our school incredible every single day!