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Yate Academy

Policies & Official documents

We review our policies throughout the year to ensure they remain legally compliant and in line with wider Trust policies. The school is part of the Greenshaw Learning Trust. The Greenshaw Learning Trust provides us with a range of policies which can be found by following this link

Updated policies in light of the Covid-19 Pandemic can be found below. This includes our Health and Safety policy, the RIDDOR guidance and the First Aid and Medicines policy.

  • Click here for a link to the Government's Health Protection in Schools guidance.

  • Click here for a link to the Government's Coronavirus guidance for schools.

  • Click here for a link to the cleaning in non-healthcare settings guidance.

The COVID-19 risk assessment can be found below. 

Official documents for the Greenshaw Learning Trust can be accessed here.
The school's annual report and accounts can be found on the Trust website here.

The school's equality policy can be found here.

Information about the Trust's Gender Pay Gap can be found here

Should a parent or carer require a printed copy of any information, we will  be happy to provide it free of charge. Please contact the school office or contact us by post below.

Yate Academy
Sundridge Park
BS37 4HB

Below are the school's policies that have been reviewed by the Local Governing Body. 

If you have any questions, please write to the clerk to the governing body, Lynne Bayliss at

  1. Download
    GLT GDPR Policy.pdf
  2. Download
    GLT Data Retention Procedure.pdf
  3. Download
    YA Asymptomatic Testing Risk Assessment- March 2021 update.docx
  4. Download
    YA Covid-19 Risk Assessment - March 2021 Update.xlsx
  5. Download
    YA Remote Curriculum Protocol - Lockdown 3.pdf
  6. Download
    YA SEN Information Report 2020-2021 .pdf
  7. Download
    YA Risk Assessment - Lateral Flow Testing.docx
  8. Download
    YA Special Educational Needs & Disability Policy 2020-21.pdf
  9. Download
    YA Pupil Premium Report 2020-2021.pdf
  10. Download
    YA First Aid and Medicines Policy - June 2020.pdf
  11. Download
    YA Covid-19 Risk Assessment - November 2020.xlsx
  12. Download
    YA Health & Safety Policy - June 2020.docx
  13. Download
    YA RIDDOR.pdf
  14. Download
    GLT Equalities Policy - October 2019.pdf
  15. Download
    GLT Annual Equality Statement - July 2019.pdf
  16. Download
    YA Year 7 Catch Up Grant Report.pdf
  17. Download
    YA Charging and Remissions Policy - Oct 2020.pdf
  18. Download
    YA Complaints Procedure - March 2021.pdf
  19. Download
    GLT Finance Policy and Procedures July 2020.pdf
  20. Download
    YA Covid Catch Up Fund.pdf
  21. Download
    Yate-Academy-Anti-Bullying Policy 2020.pdf
  22. Download
    Yate Academy Safeguarding Addendum 8th March 2021 Final 08.03.21 (1).pdf
  23. Download
  24. Download
    Yate Academy TAG Centre Policy .pdf
  25. Download
    Policy Statement for mandatory Relationships and Sex Education - Yate Acaademy (1).docx
  26. Download
    Contingency Plan Yate Academy.pdf
  27. Download
    YA - COVID-19 Risk Assessment for September 2021.pdf
  28. Download
    16-19 Tuition Fund Statement.docx
  29. Download
    Yate Academy Behaviour Policy 2021.docx
  30. Download
    Yate Academy RSE PSHE Policy 2021.docx
  31. Download
    Yate Academy School Safeguarding Policy 2021_22.pdf
  32. Download
    Yate Academy Summer School.docx
  33. Download
    Yate Academy Careers Policy. 2021.pdf