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Yate Academy

Hearing Impaired Resource Base

What is the HIRB?

The HIRB is a Hearing Resource Base for students with Hearing Loss. We cater for a range of students with varying degrees of hearing loss who use both Hearing Aids and may have Cochlear Implants. Transmitters are also used successfully within mainstream lessons and within the Resource Base.

Our Hearing Resource Base has been well established over many years and we are proud of being the only one within South Gloucestershire who offers an excellent cohesive provision from 3-19 years. Ofsted have commended us on our Outstanding facilities and the expertise we are able to provide our students both academically and socially. Our intervention programmes, working alongside outside agencies such as Speech and Language specialists, are very successful and equip our students with skills needed to support them in the wider world.

We pride ourselves on our cohesive, nurturing environment which gives our students confidence to excel both academically and socially.

We have a Teacher of the Deaf who works across the 3-19 year age range and 7 specialised Teaching Assistants. With our expertise, we differentiate tasks to support all our students for mainstream lessons, small group work and 1 to 1 sessions to excel learning.

To teach, we use a total communication approach, which incorporates signing, gestures and speech to support learning. Our broad and balanced curriculum incorporates life skills which will be needed when leaving the Academy so that all students have a greater confidence and self belief with an ‘I can’ attitude.

Our vision is to equip all our students with the skills to reach their full potential and alongside this, to see all students grow into confident, successful individuals with a strong self belief.

We are able to deliver a seamless transition between both Primary and Secondary Phases. We are able to give students the foundations to independence at their pace throughout their whole schooling education from 3 to 19 years which helps develop them into confident young people.

Regular short signing sessions are offered to all staff and students so that everyone has the opportunity to feel part of the whole academy environment.

We are successful when our students become well rounded individuals who have achieved to the very best of their potential both academically and socially. This allows them to go into work placements with confidence and to have the key skills needed to become an independent adult in their future life.

If you have any questions at all regarding the HIRB please do not hesitate to contact us