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Yate Academy


On Wednesday 13th March we have 26 volunteers from Rotary groups of South Gloucestershire and Atkins coming to Yate Academy to interview our Year 10 students. These 15 minute interviews will enable students to apply the skills and knowledge they have developed in their PSHE lessons.

Below are a set of questions you may wish to consider for your Big Interview on the 13th March 2024 as these are similar to the ones the interviewers will be asking you. There is a suggested way to answer this underneath each question.


Example Questions

1 - Tell me about something you learned that you applied to your work?
I learnt about the structure of an atom and then I was able to apply this when I was working out the relative formula mass of a compound. I could see how knowing the structure helped me understand the next stage of learning chemistry.

2 - Can you give me an example of a difficult situation? How did you manage it?
I forgot to bring in my PE kit and that meant I would be unable to take part in the PE lesson, I solved this by politely asking my tutor if I could go to reception and call home to ask if someone could drip it to school. My parent/carer was free and dropped it at reception!

3 - Tell me about a time when you worked successfully in a team environment?
I had to prepare an answer in a lesson with a group of students, we all had different ideas on how to answer it but I worked hard at listening to each person and directed the group to a single answer.

4 - Can you tell me of a time when you had to make a difficult decision?
I had to decide which options I was going to take for GCSE. I wanted to do both Hospitality and Sports science, but had to choose only 1. I decided that I could do more cooking at home and learn those skills there and concentrate on sports science at school.

5 - Tell me about a time when you had to work under pressure?
I had my H/W to complete and some social events planned at the weekend. I had to make a schedule for the weekend so that I was able to complete all my work and attend the events. Having a schedule meant I knew I was able to complete both.

6 - Tell me about a time you supported a friend who was struggling?
I dedicated some time to listen to my friend and really understand what their problem was. I did not immediately offer a solution to their problem but instead I asked them what were the possible solutions to this. Once they had told me I was able to ask them which one was the most right for them. This way they felt empowered in having made the right decision for them.