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Yate Academy

GCSE Results 2019

Yate Academy smashes last year’s exceptional GCSE results!


Results have been adjusted after all results from across the country have been checked and we are now thrilled to say that we have achieved a Progress 8 score of +1.01. In 2018, this would have placed us 45th in the country and we can't wait to see this year's table. As always, we thank you for your support in making this happen.

Yate Academy has exceeded expectations yet again and has achieved outstanding GCSE results which are even more impressive than their 2018 results. The results are not only the best in the school’s history but will put Yate Academy amongst the best schools in the country. Headteacher Isabel Ambrose says “I am absolutely thrilled with these well-deserved GCSE results. The hard work from students and staff, along with the support from their families has made this momentous achievement possible. I am so very proud that the Academy has increased outcomes in all areas and sustained success over the last two years. I have loved working with this particular cohort and I wish them the very best of luck for their futures”.

Yate Academy joined the Greenshaw Learning Trust in September 2017. Since then, there have been rapid improvements to all aspects of school life and this has led to a very impressive progress figures.  Last years +0.69, which was well above the national average, put Yate Academy in the top 4% of schools in the country. With this year’s results being even better, provisionally standing at +0.89 ( a 20% improvement), Yate Academy are set to  move up the rankings even further and cement their position as one of the top schools in the country. Yate academy’s mantra is that ‘all children who attend the school have a better chance of success than if they attended any other school in the country’ and these results really prove that this vision is now a reality.

Maths results this year are particularly impressive, with results at Level 4+ standing at 80 %, a further 7% gain on last year’s already much improved results. In English, a similar successful picture emerges with Level 5+ results jumping from 54% to 63%. Overall the percentage of students achieving a Grade 4+ in both of these core subjects has risen over the last two years from 50% to 72%. Phillipa Lewis, Deputy Headteacher and Raising Standards Leader says “What a mountain we have climbed together this year. I am so thrilled that our students are now equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to tackle the next chapter of their lives successfully. We can’t wait to welcome them back into 6th form and continue to support them to further success”

Yate Academy, are proud of all students’ achievements, but a special mention must go to those students who have achieved the best progress and achievement scores in the academy. Notably Evie G Williams, Ella Carboni, Lydia Jones, Millie Greenaway and Ethan Clack, who all achieved Level 9’s and Distinction *’s in several subjects.  Whilst the following students have made exceptional progress as well as achieving some outstanding grades; Patryk Pajak, Madison Leppard, Kate Dix, Kai Dervishi and Nik Kajak.