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Yate Academy

HeadTeacher's Welcome

Yate Academy is a happy, energetic and welcoming all-inclusive 11 to 18 academy with a thriving sixth form and a state-of-the-art building with exceptional facilities. It is an academy where we are as passionate about developing our staff as we are about developing our students.

We are a proud member of the Greenshaw Learning Trust, a ‘family’ of like-minded schools, that collaborate to provide mutual support, share their good practice and learn from each other, whilst retaining and developing their own distinctive character.

Our outstanding GCSE results from summer 2019 have now put us in the top 4% of schools nationally. This means that we are working towards our goal of the students who come to Yate Academy having a better chance of success than if they went anywhere else.

These results come from hard work and a focus on really high expectations of staff and students because we know that this is what they deserve. Our students are incredible and deserve amazing teachers, quality lessons and the right levels of support, as well as great opportunities that enrich their experience at school.

Our 'Pathway' allows students to develop their character as well as their academic journey through school. We give students the opportunity to take part in enrichment activities such as music and sport; they have a number of trips, including a Year 7 camp; they perform in musical productions; they are ambassadors for events; they take part in poetry competitions; they listen to inspirational speakers at Ivy League Lectures.

Come and visit us if you would like to see any of these things in action!

Natalie Wilcox, Headteacher