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Yate Academy

Changes after Easter- Years 7-9

From Monday April 20th we will be altering the way that we deliver our resources to years 7-9. This is because we want to ensure that lessons are of the highest quality, and so that we can ensure that lessons are available during periods of staff illness.

This means that students will have a new timetable, which you can find on the website. Lessons should be completed on the correct day but can be completed at a time within the day that best suits you.

Lessons will always follow the same format- they will start with a short quiz, before a teacher delivers a lesson via a pre-recorded video clip. Finally, the lesson will end with another short quiz, called an “Exit Ticket”.

These lessons will be distributed to students in the following ways;

  1. Google Classroom Year Group Dashboard
  2. Emailed to all students
  3. The school website

Alongside this, we are also offering a helpdesk for each subject. If pupils require help in a subject, they should email the helpdesk for that subject. These helpdesks will be operated by specialist teachers from Yate Academy and across our Trust who will respond with support.

We are confident that these improvements will be beneficial to our student and we are happy to take any questions you may have through the normal ways of contacting our school.